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Paco Winders manufactures machinery for the production of the following types of tubes, cans and cores.

Click on a picture to go to the machines that make that product.

In addition to the machinery listed on this site, our product line contains all of the equipment and accessories listed below.

Spiral Tube Winders

Convolute Tube Winders

Cut-Off Saws

Single Head Skivers

In-Line Blade Cutters

Double Head Skivers

Creel Stands

Manual Paper Unwind Stands

Immersion Tanks

Hydraulic Paper Unwind Stands

Cascade Tanks

Edge Guiding Equipment

Glue Pots

Tensioning Equipment

Paper Creel Stands

Automatic Tube Recutters

Festoon Stands

Semi-Automatic Tube Recutters

Pin Stands Tube Labeling Recutters
Pivot Type Unwind Stands Tube End Trimmers

Dry Ply Stands

Dust Collectors